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When you’re a victim of a violent crime or sexual assault, it may seem like you have nowhere to turn. Our experienced attorneys are helping survivors of sexual assault and violent crime find safety and hope. With free services available like legal representation, counseling, safety planning and much more, victims of violent crime and sexual assault can take back hope.


For Victims of Sexual Assault:

Sexual assault is any sexual contact that makes you feel uncomfortable, pressured, or forced including but not limited to sexual harassment, groping, rape and unwanted sexual contact.

All calls are strictly confidential.

No. You may remain anonymous. However, identifying information is necessary for those who wish to receive extensive services.

Our services are free. There is no charge.

You can but you will get our voicemail. We are available Monday through Friday until 7 pm.

Yes, an attorney will answer your call and be able to discuss your issue and needs.

If you would feel safe receiving a return phone call or message from one of our attorneys, please leave your name, phone number, and/or email address so one of our attorneys can get in touch with you as soon as possible. If you do not safe with us returning contact, please try calling again during our business hours, Monday through Friday until 7 pm.

We can assist with many issues and help connect you with available resources.

For Victims of Other Crimes:

Victims of violent crime and other crimes like identity theft, stalking and human trafficking are eligible for services through our program.

A violent crime is a crime where someone gets physically hurt or is threatened with physical harm. For example, assault is a violent crime; forgery is not a violent crime.

Our attorneys can assist with the following legal issues:

• Protective Orders
• Family Law
• Employment Law
• Elder Exploitation and Abuse
• Legal matters related to domestic violence and sexual assault
• Housing Law
• Title IX Issues
• Immigration Law
• Crime Victims Compensation
• Financial Crimes and Identity Theft
• Stalking andCyber-Stalking
• Navigating the criminal justice system

Please fill out the form below or call 1-844-303-SAFE (7233).


  • Protective Orders
  • Family Law
  • Employment
  • Elder Exploitation & Abuse
  • Domestic Violence
  • Housing
  • Title IX Issues
  • Immigration
  • Crime Victims Compensation
  • Financial Crimes & Identity Theft
  • Stalking/ Cyber-Stalking


Texas Legal Services Center is a nonprofit working towards civil justice for all Texans — no matter their ability to earn.

We’re a coalition of attorneys, paralegals, pro bono attorneys, partner organizations, and a team of support staff, working tirelessly to serve everyone who reaches out to us for help. Through advice, referrals, counseling, representation, and advocacy — we help Texans navigate the complexities of the civil justice system.

Some examples of how we’re working towards civil justice for all: Providing legal representation, counseling, and safety planning for survivors of sexual assault; Hosting monthly family law clinics in rural Texas communities identified as “legal aid deserts”; Addressing food insecurity, income support, and unhealthy living conditions that prevent patients and their families from good health through a medical-legal partnership; Preventing foreclosure and protecting veterans and their families from creditor abuses; Maintaining, a statewide source for locating civil legal aid providers, legal documents, and information on legal rights; Hosting a legal hotline for Medicare beneficiaries and Texans ages 60 and older; Filing class-action suits that ensure low-income Texans meaningful access to the courts.

We’re here to serve. If you are in need of legal help, click here to learn more about our programs and projects.

TAKE BACK HOPE, LASSA, and the Crime Victims Project are programs of Texas Legal Services Center.